African American Child Comes Home with Rope Burn Around her Neck

Source: Urban Intellectuals

As a parent, if I send my child to school or on a field trip I expect my child to come back in the same condition as when they left my home. Most importantly, we know that accidents and mistakes happen but when they do I expect to get a phone call explaining in detail what happened to my child. Which is why the rope injury on 12 year-old Texas child’s neck seems very suspicious.

Texas’ authorities are investigation how an African American 12 year-old sustained severe rope burn around her neck at a predominately white private school. The school says it was an accident while the 12 year-old’s parents aren’t buying it, especially since she’s been bullied for several months.

Live Oak Classical School took some students on a field trip, the trip lasted several days. On one of these days, some students were playing with a swing that was attached to tree by a rope. At some point while playing the rope got wrapped the 12 year-old African American student’s neck. Once she got the rope from around her neck, because no one helped her not any students, faculty or adult chaperone, she asked some classmates if they had done that on purpose.

My first question is, why didn’t anyone attempt to help her, especially since the school questioned several student and adult witnesses. If there were witnesses that means there were people around her that could have helped her. My second question is, why didn’t anyone contact her parents? When a child is injured in school, the school usually contacts the parents. The laceration on the young girl’s neck looks absolutely awful. I don’t know what I would do if my child came home looking like that.

The school says, the victim’s family is trying to extort money from them, while the family believes the incident was a racially motivated and the school is trying to cover up. The school says the wound was immediately treated by a chaperone with Vaseline and ibuprofen.

Any parent whose child comes home with severe rope burn around their entire neck would completely lose their mind, I don’t care what race that parent is or whether they think it was intentional or racially charged. ANY parent would absolutely livid. So, no matter what happened to this young lady (although I 100 percent believe it was racially motivated and the school is trying to cover it up) the school was negligent in the way they handled the situation.


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