After Public Shaming, Multi-Millionaire Preacher Joel Osteen Will Open Megachurch to Hurricane Harvey Refugees

After being publicly shamed by the masses on Twitter and Facebook, Multi-millionaire prosperity gospel preacher Joel Osteen has decided to open the church doors to help those in need after hurricane Harvey ravaged the area.

According to Raw Story, Joel Osteen is singing a new tune after being blasted online for not allowing people into his church in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. He is now reportedly preparing to open the doors of his Lakewood Megachurch in Houston to people seeking refuge from the storm.

LGBTQ activist Charles Clymer posted an image of air mattresses in the Lakewood church, along with a caption that said the church is “prepping to open their doors.”


Osteen was ripped on Twitter earlier in the day for posting about prayers for the refugees, but not opening the doors of his megachurch to physically help those in need.


(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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