Cajun Navy Dodges Bullets While Rescuing People Stranded From Hurricane Harvey

The Cajun Navy is a famous group that organized during Hurricane Katrina to help save people. Now they are trying to save people during Hurricane Harvey, but some wannabe pirates are shooting at them and trying to steal their boats.

The group is composed completely of volunteers that risk their lives and use their own vehicles and boats to help save people during disasters.

In an interview with Headline News, Clyde Cain of the Louisana Cajun Navy told host Carol Costello that some of their freshly-arrived boats have “been shot at” by panicked Houstonians.

“People that want to be rescued are trying to steal the boat,” Cain said.

“Are these bad people or people who wanna be rescued?” Costello, the host, asked him.

“Bad people, people that wanna be rescued and people that are just panicking,” Cain said.

The boats have incurred damage, he continued, because some people have shot at them.

“We have boats being shot at if we’re not picking everybody up,” he said.

Cain said the group has had to replace boats, due to damage,  while also trying to rescue people.

“We’re kind of under attack,” he concluded.


(Article by Jeremiah Jones)


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