Monkey-pig: Sow Gives Birth To One-Eyed Piglet That Looks Like a Chimpanzee

The monkey piglet next to his mother and siblings; A horrified farmer could not believe his eyes when his sow gave birth to a one eyed, brown haired piglet that looks like a chimpanzee. The strange-looking creature...

Trump Administration Greenlights Arctic Offshore Drilling Plan, Despite Environmental Impact Statement Concerns

The Trump administration released an environmental review Thursday of Hilcorp Alaska’s Arctic offshore drilling development. It is very troubling and will likely lead to a major oil spill, but it looks like it will...

Man Caught On Video Raping Donkeys Says Marijuana Makes Him “Do Sick Things”

After being caught on camera, an Arkansas man is accused of bestiality against someone else’s pet donkeys on multiple occasions. Everett...
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