Cop Involved in Horrific Child Exploitation, Committing Sexual Acts on 2-yr-old Girl: Video Report

Source: Filming Cops

UPDATE: 11 Additional Charges for Officer

It is much worse than anybody imagined. Officer Joshua Smith now faces 11 more charges after investigations.

One of those charges includes lewd molestation.

It is difficult to comprehend the amount of pain and suffering the victims of exploitation may have experienced.

The Daily Ridge reports as follows:

Polk County Jail inmate Joshua Smith, who has been in jail since his initial arrest (see below) has had an additional 11 counts of Possession of Child Pornography – Enhanced (F-2) added on by the State Attorney’s Office after a forensic examination of his emails and cell phone revealed additional images containing child pornography. According to PCSO detectives, the images do not appear to be related to the original images found during his March 2015 arrest.
Smith will have a first appearance hearing today on the additional charges.
Incidentally, after his original arrest for one count Direct/Promote SexualPerformance of a Child (see below), Smith had two other charges added by the SAO — Possession of Photo Depicting Sexual Performance by a Child, and Lewd Molestation. His bond amount for the second charge was set at $25,000; his bond amount for the third charge was ‘no bond.,’ Due to this he has remained in the Polk County Jail.

OAKLAND, FL — A disturbing case of criminal child sex has emerged involving an Oakland Police Officer.

Officer Joshua Smith has been charged with directing or promoting the sexual performance of a child.

Officer Smith was committing sexual acts upon a 2-yr-old girl whom he had access to, according to reports.

Officer Smith had been on a social media site sending pictures of the live child, when one of those pictures got him reported.

The messages that were sent along with the pictures were described as horrendous by those who received them.

Apparently Officer Smith had been bragging about his abuse of the child, referring to himself as the “No Limit Perv Dad.”

“The communication is so horrific, so graphic, so outrageous, that a normal person would never be able to comprehend what was said,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

Officer Smith went into great detail about the sexual acts he would perform on the 2-yr-old girl, and added that his wife was away and would have no idea what he was doing.

Officer Smith’s personnel file was obtained from the Oakland Police Department and it reveals that Smith has multiple disciplinary reports in his record over nearly a decade of working as a police officer.

Officer Smith has been given paid leave, according to reports.

Watch the video below:




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