Detroit TV Anchor Resigns After Getting Caught Saying She’s Tired Of Covering ‘N*****s Killing Each Other

Source: Urban Intellectuals

Lauren Podell, a local NBC news reporter in Detroit, Michigan resigned on Wednesday after word got out about her use of the n-word. She said to a crew member or TV producer, “I’m tired of reporting on these n*****s killing each other in Detroit.”

Wow! I’m so sorry that “n****s killing each other in Detroit” is such an inconvenience on your life. I’m sorry that black people took such a hard hit in Detroit when the recession and they have yet to recover. I’m sorry that after three years Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water. I’m sorry that on no levels of government help is being handed out. I’m sorry that racism exist and system that was designed to fail black people is working.



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