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Further sources for do-it-yourself enthusiasts: || Backwoods Home Magazine   and || Zine World

# Acne
Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

I either make a aloe vera/aspirin liquid and apply it all over my face, or do a spot treatment with just the aloe vera (if it gets too runny, I mix in a bit of clay). This clears any acne fairly quickly, but tends to work better on my white/black heads.

# Allergic reactions
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Epsom salts Will STOP an allergic reaction in it’s tracks, immediately. No bullshit. Mix one teaspoon of epsom salts with water, stir until dissolved, hold your nose and drink it fast.

Also you can use buffered vitamin C powder to do the same thing, Just mix a teaspoon of buffered C in some water hold your nose and chug it.

Both remedies taste awful, will cause you to have to run to the john with the shits sometimes, and belch. But the inconvienence and crappy taste is worth it to be able to breathe and stop itching, practically instantaneously. And the results are nothing short of Amazing.

# Allergy remedy
Here’s what’s worked for SirJ

I stumbled on an allergy remedy about three weeks ago. I take 3 grams of vitamin C when my symptoms appear. They disappear within a half hour! I have an early A.M. allergy to dampness. It is not everyday and I haven’t had it for years. This has been one of the rainest years in decades for my area.

About a month ago I had a very bad cold. I took vitamin C at massive doses: 20 to 30 grams a day. It did nothing to shorten the cold, but it did work as an excellent decongestant. I’ve read that vitamin C will begin to cause diarrhea around 8 to 9 grams a day. I can’t remember the link, but one page said this will not happen if you have an infection, but will if you don’t. I had no diarrhea. Having found vitamin C had decongestant properties for me, I tried it on my allergy and found it also effective and at much lower doses.

This is the vitamin C I use: the Vitamin-C. Each tablet is 1000 mg, which is 1 gram.

# Ant repellents
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Any of the mints act as ant repellant oils. Smear it on windowsills, dribble it along your floorboards, door thresholds, even rim the sugar bowls and refresh it every few days. The ants will give up moving in and go away. If every time you see ants moving anywhere in your home in a line or stream of ants this is an ant trail, ants make these trails as signals to lead other ants into your house with their unique hive scents. Just draw a line of peppermint oil through the line, they will become confused when separated from the scent communication line, and leave or die. Best part is peppermint oil is much safer for kids and pets than raid.

Here are some great links:


And here’s what’s worked for

Cornmeal will kill ants. They eat it and go back to the nest but are unable to digest it and die.

# Arthritis pain
Here’s what’s worked for Kathy Fisher

When I find something that works, you know I’ll pass it along to you. I have used cherry juice and it surpasses anything I’ve taken for my osteo arthritis pain. It was also very good for a severe cough I had due to the cold last week.

When people who have taken everything on the earth pharmies can offer, try this for an entire day. Drink several glasses of cherry juice, and in some cases the first day people may need an entire bottle. By the next day they’ll see a marked improvement, but they must drink it every day to get the benefits. This stuff works like a Cox2 inhibitor.

# Baking soda works wonders
as a cleaning powder, deodorant, detergent, or drain de-clogger

Here’s what’s worked for A

For cleaning, instead of using a scouring powder or smelly spray, use baking soda. It’s nontoxic and cleans just about any grunge. If you leave a bit behind as you clean the tub, it’ll just make the water feel softer… baking soda is what those fizzy ‘bath bombs’ are primarily made of.

To unclog a drain, pour baking soda down the drain, then follow it with vinegar. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then run hot water. It’s not as effective as Drano, but it’s a lot safer. You can repeat it before hauling out the serious shit.

If you don’t want to use commercial deodorant and the alternative ones are irritating, you can pat on baking soda with a powder puff after you’ve completely dried off. If you’re still damp, it’ll be as irritating as anything else, or if you’ve just shaved.. You can make a scented liquid deodorant, with 1 part baking soda, 1 part cornstarch, and a few drops of scented oil. I found this one messy, so I stick with the powder puff.

I do keep the chemical stuff around and use it, just not nearly as often as before…

# Bee stings
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Bum a cigarette or some pipe tobacco from a smoker, Or if you smoke use your own, take out the tobacco and chuck the papers and filter. Put the wad of tobacco in a saucer, mix it with some warm water, and add some meat tenderizer and baking soda like 1/2 tsp. Stir and muddle it all together into a pulpy mess adding water to keep it moist if you need to. Put the mixture in a bit of cheese cloth or under a band aid, tape it on the sting after you scratch the stinger out(never pull a bee stinger it squeezes more bee toxin into you.) Then put ice on top of the whole thing. It will cut the irritation severity and heal it faster.

# Book repairs
Here’s what’s worked for Liberez L’Ours

Paperback books do not seem to last long these days! Many of them end up out of print, forever. Very sad. Even hardbacks suffer damage after hard use, and the situation only gets worse as time goes by. Instead of killing a book — bad! — fix it yourself! Easy. Piece of cake.

(Note: amateur solution follows. Please notify immediately if superior solution readily available for use by un-handy book people!)

* * * !!! Elmer’s Glue !!! * * *

At the first sign of binding separation, when a crack appears between two pages and you can see disaster approaching, STOP. Immediately take out Elmer’s and apply a very thin line of glue in the crack between the pages. Make sure to fill the holes, but to not overfill. Remove excess with moistened paper towel. Careful: when you close the book excess glue will smoosh out, so open it again and wipe off the excess one more time!

Finally, set the book on a flat surface and weigh it down with a brick or hefty object… such as another book. Leave it there for one day to heal and regain its strength.

# Cleaning silver, jewelry, etc.

Here’s what’s worked for A friend

My mom said that for larger silver, like a bowl, you can fill a sink with hot water, lay down a sheet of aluminum foil, and add 2-3 teaspoon of salt. For jewelry, you can do the same in a bowl. I remember in college I used to keep this on a low setting in a pot on the stovetop. (These days, I don’t wear gold jewelry.)

# Clothes dryers
Here’s what’s worked for BW

A tip about clothes dryers:

I had a wonderful morning. The heating unit went out of my dryer!

The dryer repair man opened the dryer and pulled out the lint filter. It was clean. We always clean the lint from the filter after every load of clothes. He told us that he wanted to show us something.

He took the filter over to the sink and ran hot water over it. Now, this thing is like a mesh — I’m sure you know what your dryer’s lint filter looks like. WELL, the hot water just lay on top of the mesh!!! It didn’t go through it at all!!!

He told us that dryer sheets cause a film over that mesh and that’s what burns out the heating unit. You can’t SEE the film, but it’s there. He said the best way to keep your dryer working for a very long time (and to keep your electric bill lower) is to take that filter out and wash it with hot soapy water and an old toothbrush (or other brush) at least every six months. He said that makes the life of the dryer at least twice as long.

How about that???!!!! Learn something new everyday! I certainly didn’t know dryer sheets would do that. So, thought I’d share!

# Cold sores
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Spirits of camphor, is available in a little brown glass bottles for cheap at drug stores. Sometimes you have to ask for it at the pharmacy desk. Spirit of Camphor can kill cold sores. Get the camphor, open your mouth deliberately cracking the cold sores open, smear the camphor liquid directly from the bottle on the sores and the area around them 5 times a day if they’re scabby. Try to get the camphor at the first sign of a cold sore. It will sting, it tastes crappy but tolerate it, because your cold sores will be gone in a day or two. After awhile the sting of the camphor gets strangely pleasant as the cold sore dies.

# Common cold
Here’s what’s worked for Dr. Vicki Soloniuk

Vitamin C, double the dose that you usually take, every four hours (can worsen diarrhea, so back off if you’re getting this effect, eat some live culture yogurt). Zinc lozenges if you have them. Lots of water, herb tea is ok but avoid caffeine, echinacea. Take Ibuprofen if you believe in this kind of relief (I do). But mostly, rest and meditate on something warming, maybe silly, but in any case energizing. Forget the demonic for a while — it will wait patiently for your recovery.

# Depression, panic attacks, bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, etc.
Here’s what’s worked for SirJ

For those of you who, like me, have problems with depression, inositol has been found to help. It is a natural substance already in everybody’s diet. Research has shown it be effective in treating panic attacks, bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorders: Inositol. I’ve been going to psychiatrists for over 30 years. You would think that somewhere along the line one of them would have mentioned the word “inositol.” Nope. It’s a non-prescription drug, costs about $15 a month and has little to no side effects — all of which explain why no shrink has mentioned it! I stumbled across the term today for the first time.

# Diarrhea
Here’s what’s worked for Rebecca

Here’s a piece of common sense to prevent one painful side effect of diarrhea, the sore rectum from wiping after so many trips to the toilet: use wet wipes. And you don’t have to buy expensive chemically wet wipes, just use ordinary toilet paper but run it under warm water very briefly, just long enough to make it moist. A folded paper towel or (if you’re willing to wash it) a handkerchief is less likely to disintegrate during use, and really no less comfortable. If you use this trick starting with the first symptoms of diarrhea, you’ll at least avoid the horrible ass-pain than comes from wiping up too many times with dry t.p.

Sorry, I don’t have any solution for diarrhea in general, except the obvious — think about what you ate before the diarrhea, and cut down on it (for me it’s popcorn and dairy products, especially in combination, but everybody’s body is different).

# Fleas
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

To Repel Fleas: Use Cajeput, lemon and pine essential oils. (don’t ever put any oils on your pets fur!! instead buy or make a aromatherapy charm necklace and soak a cotton ball with the oils and attach it to your pet’s collar. Put the oils in a mister with water, shake it up often as you spray it around the house especially where pets sit. Another way to get rid of fleas is as effective as a flea bomb. This kills fleas. Just sprinkle moth flakes all over the house and take yourself and your pets out of the house overnight. Come home 24 hours later and vacuum the moth flakes and dead fleas up when you return.

Always put a few mothballs in your vacuum bag as well. The active ingredient is napatha. Be aware napatha is poison and it is an ingredient in some cat repellents. So be nice and do your kitties a favor, air out the house well before you bring them home and never use any napatha in their collar aromatherapy charms.

# Fruit flies
Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

I’ve had fruit flies all summer; they came in with some fresh tomatoes and apparently made a home in some of my potted plants. The only way I’ve found to get rid of them is to put water and a drop of liquid soap [dish detergent would work too] into a sprayer. When they alight, spray them; this disables them long enough for you to kill them. It’s a one at a time thing, although sometimes they all hang out by the sink or something. Then you can kill seven in one blow, just like the fairy tale.

# Garden pests
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

To keep deer, rabbits and other herb eating critters out of your garden: Use powdered blood and bone meal (available at garden supply houses) sprinkle it in a fine dust all over your lettuce or rhododendrons. This will discourage these critters from munching your plants because it smells like meat to their sensitive nostrils. Replace it after it rains or after you water. RINSE your harvests well! But to be nice and reinforce the idea in the critters minds that leaving your garden alone is a good idea, dump out any veggie trimmings you don’t want to use in a private area where you don’t mind them visiting you. They will not be so hungry as to bother to risk eating your plants in more public areas. like your yard when you feed them. Plus you can form a relationship with them over time.

# Hair gel

Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

You can use aloe vera gel for hair gel (very small amount or you look like Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary), a moisturizer or base for other skin treatments, and for shaving gel. It comes in big bottles, cheap. If you use it as a shaving gel get the skin wet first to reduce irritation.

# Headaches
Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

You can get essential oils almost anywhere now, and an expensive blend similar to this is made by a high-end company for massages. These 2 oils (eucalyptus and peppermint) are especially cheap, but they’re strong, so put the blend into a carrier oil (can be almost any unscented oil you’re willing to put on your head; grapeseed is a favorite). Rub it on the base of your skull for a few minutes for stress headaches, or at the temples. It will also open up sinuses.

2 drops eucalyptus, 4 drops peppermint

not sure about the amount of carrier — you can try 1 tablespoon, or 2. It depends on your own tolerance for the essential oils.

# Honey
Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

I’ve been meaning to write something to y’all about honey. I use it for small wounds [it’s an antibacterial] and as a moisturizer for skin that’s chapped. I use warm water and mix in a bit of honey and smear it on my face.

# Insomnia
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Knockout tea for insomniacs or type A personalities: I use this tea myself when I am up all night and realize the sun is rising soon and I gotta be somewhere at 9am.

2 parts catnip
1 part chopped valerian root
3 part hops flowers
2 parts muellin ( add more if you want a dreamy calm effect)
2 parts Camomile.

Mix all the herbs in parts in a jar. Shake to mix it well. Boil some water, as you wait for it to boil, wrap about 2 tablespoons of this tea in cheesecloth or use a tea ball. Pour the boiling water over the tea in a cup. Steep the tea in your cup for like 6 minutes or longer. Drink. sweeten it a little bit if ya want to. Store the tea in an airtight ziplock in the jar in a cool dark dry place.

See also Instant soother and bad dream remover.

# Instant soother and bad dream remover

Here’s what’s worked for Aly the Zig

Forget Prozac, sleeping pills, or other prescribed poisons. This is great for anyone who might be stressed out, anxious, sleeplessly insomniac or prone to nightmares. Works great for little ones, too.

Wherever you are, open the window and let some air in. This revitalizes and recharges the ions in the air we breathe. If you live in a city or other noisy place, play some soft music to drown out the din, otherwise let the sound of the natural world be your background song.

Place one drop of lavender essential oil in the center of your pillow if you’re trying to sleep, otherwise put one drop on a small handkerchief (loo paper works fine 🙂 and hold this close to your nose while breathing deeply. Pretty soon you’ll be breathing naturally and your muscles will gradually relax. The flower oil has the effect of raising the inner vibrational level, bringing calm, peace of mind and eventually a sweet, dreamless sleep… or at least one devoid of bad dreams. This is also a natural decongestant for anyone with sinus or breathing problems.

See also Insomnia.

# Lower back pain

Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

Sit in an upright chair with your feet touching the floor, knees at a 90 degree angle. Grasp your left knee with both hands and gently pull toward your chest. When you encounter resistance, pull gently toward the right [that is, the middle of your body]. Release, and repeat with the left leg.

If you’re a bit more flexible, lie on the floor on your back with your legs bent. Pull your legs toward your chest together, as if they were tied at the knees. Gently lower them to your right side. Rest them on the floor in a stacked position, like two bricks, or logs. Turn your head to the left and extend your left arm. Hold for a count of five. Return to center, and repeat on the opposite side.

If you’re not able to get all the way down to the floor, you may be able to do this exercise on your mattress. These two exercises open up the lower back and top of the butt…which can reduce back pain.

# Mosquito repellents
Here’s what’s worked for Helen & Harry

Pour half a cup of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of witch hazel into a spray bottle, and add eight drops of citronella or eucalyptus essential oil. Shake the bottle and spray it lightly onto exposed skin and presto, no mosquitoes.

It dissipates with sweat so you’ll have to spray yourself every few hours, maybe more often if you’re hiking or something, but this homemade mix works as well as any of the store-bought, DEET-based, probably cancer-causing “Off!”-style insect repellants. It’s also a lot less expensive, safer for you, and easier on the environment.

# Munchy crunchy muesli

Here’s what’s worked for Aly the Zig

This one’s for Helen, and anyone else who’s sick of paying up to $4 for a box of dried up little coir doormats, courtesy of Kelloggs, Nabisco or Ge neral Mills. This tastes way better than any of that mass-produced processed crap and the flavor improves in direct proportion to your adventurous use of ingredients. Make small batches at first, until you get the hang of what your taste buds want to go in there, then go wild and double, triple, or quadruple up on the quantities…

Chuck the following into a large flat baking pan —
* Approx 2lbs rolled oats — About 8-10 double handsful works fine, too 🙂
* Cup of shredded coconut
* Cup sunflower seeds
* A few pine nuts (optional)
* Cup of roughly chopped hazelnuts
* Cup chopped walnuts (or half walnuts, half unsalted peanuts)
* Cup of chopped macadamias or brazils (optional)
* Half cup wheatgerm (optional)
* Anything else you can think of that appeals. Cashews and pecans are great, too.

Toast in 400 deg. oven for approx. 10-15 minutes or until your kitchen smells like grandma’s house. 🙂 Then, when all is toasted to perfection, add:

* 2 cups raisins (or more)
* Cup of a chopped mixture of: dried apricots, dates, papaya, pineapple or any other dried fruit that you happen to have on hand
* Half cup or more dried banana chips (optional)
* 1-2 cups (or more) of raw brown sugar, depending on how sweet your tooth is
* Pinch of salt
Stir with love. You can woof it up straight away or keep it up to a month or more in a big airtight container or popcorn can or whatever.

This is crunchy and delicious stuff, so enjoy. The beauty of it is you can make it as basic or as wild as you like, and it still tastes good. For anyone who prefers a softer and less crunchy version, pour the milk on and leave for 5 minutes or so, until the dry ingredients swell a little, then add more milk to taste. Orange juice works too, instead of milk for anyone who’s lactose intolerant or vegan, or anyone who just plain hates milk.

You can buy all that dried fruit and nutty stuff in bulk at the health store, as you probably know, so it works out pretty cheap over time.

# Nausea
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

A tea made of Dandelion roots, mint leaves, catnip, raspberry leaves, and anise seeds make a good stomach tonic for nausea and pain. I use this. Put about equal amounts of herb together, put about a tablespoon’s worth of the herbs in a tea ball or get a twist tie and tie it up in some cheese cloth. Boil some water put the herb bundle in a mug or cup, pour the hot water over it, steep and sip it when it cools to warm, not hot. Can be drunk cold too. Chilled Aloe Vera juice can calm a sore belly too. For some people when they get nauseated eat an orange. It stops my nausea.

# Oatmeal: Cooking it without cooking it
Here’s what’s worked for Prisoner50X


1 cup old fashioned oats
4 cups water
2/3 cup nonfat powdered milk (to taste)
1/2 cup raisins


1) Mix ingredients in covered pan or container and put in refrigerator overnight (12 hours or so?).

2) Remove from refrigerator and eat!

NOTES: this would work with the “quick” (1 minute) oats too, no doubt, but the surprising thing is that even the “old fashioned” 5 minute oats turn soft when soaked overnight. With the sugar from the raisins infused into the oats, and cold milk with cinnamon, the result tastes as good as the boxed “ready to eat” cereal that costs $3.50 or more.

I have been using oats instead of bread and cereal for the last 3 years — during my Bush Regime Boycott. (Expenditures flat for 3 years in spite of inflation!)

Remember: only purchase when “on sale”! Those grocers will try to hammer you with $4 for 1 kilos of oats, but don’t pay more than $2.50 — and if you’re really cheap go to the animal feed store and buy them by the bag (you might want to actually cook feed store oats though, … I don’t know … the bugs add protein at no extra charge but may require cooking 🙂

Oats can be added to nearly everything (stews, soups, chili, etc.) And the commodity substitution saves money, especially when you look at the retail prices for bread, cereals and other prepared Megacorp food.

When you consider that oats have no preservatives or other heinous Megacorp additives, you win twice by switching (and if they’re good enough for horses then you should consider yourself damn lucky to have them 🙂 But …

Warning: Pay attention, please: This is potentially hazardous to your health! If either the ingredients or the utensils are not “clean”, if they harbor germs, then any benefits of eating raw grain might be destroyed… by the fact that you get sick eating this gunk! Soaking grain and powdered milk overnight, even in the refrigerator, is like putting them in an incubator; germs and bacteria may multiply, perhaps with deadly results. This is a little like making home-made yogurt.

The pot I use is steel, and I clean it first. Then I sterilize it on the stove by boiling a little bit of water, then draining the water and letting the metal get hot, hot, HOT. The lid too. That will kill a *lot* of germs.

Likewise with the ingredients. If you are buying from unreliable suppliers and the ingredients contain biological contamination, say from rodents, you are probably going to be safer and healthier if you boil your oats for the full five minutes!

# Pain relief
Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

I found out that turmeric, the spice, is great for inflammatory pain like arthritis and it’s been a help. You can either choke down spoonfuls of the stuff mixed in water or buy it in overpriced little capsules. If you do the capsules 400 mg 3x a day is recommended, but it’s not as effective as the herb, I’ve heard from others. It’s two spoons, three times a day for rheumatoid arthritis …

# Peasant bread
Here’s what’s worked for BW

Tortillas, or “peasant bread”

Ingredients For 1 Person

2/3 cup flour
2 shakes salt
1 tablespoon (or so) oil
4 tablespoons hot water
1 flat plate
1 cylindrical cup (plastic for safety?)
1 spoon
1 spatula
1 frying pan

How To Do It Fast!

1. Start the beans heating
2. put flour in bowl
3. add salt and mix in real good
4. add oil and mush/stir until oil is thoroughly embedded
5. add some water and mix — dough should have consistency of Play-Do, so adjust with more water or more flour.
6. remove beans from heat, start heating frying pan for tortillas (optional: add teaspoon of oil to pan if pan isn’t well seasoned and “trained” for tortillas)
7. dust plate, outside of cup and hands with flour
8. take round golf-ball sized chunk of dough and roll out on plate to 1/8 inch in thickness
9. put in frying pan, cook until bubbles just start to form — then turn over and cook for 1/2 minute or so (start rolling next tortilla while cooking this one — and start cleaning up while the final tortilla is cooking!)
10. remove tortilla from frying pan, add beans and Tapiata sauce and roll up into a burrito.
11. Eat. Caution: eat fewer than your belly permits because these can drop on you like depth charges!

I bet people all over the world have been using a similar recipe of flour, oil, salt and water for thousands of years! And truly, a King should be so lucky as to eat these hot out of the pan — but store bought tortillas cost about 15 to 20 cents apiece while these will cost just a few pennies each.

# Poison ivy or poison oak eashes
Here’s what’s worked for Joni G.

You can use milk to ease the itching, or what I do for poison oak is dig up some soap root (member of the lily family) or scrape the peeling bark of manzanita and make it into a tea. With both of these remedies you can practically feel the blisters getting sucked dry! The Native Americans believed a remedy for poison oak and/or ivy grew within 50 feet of the poison plant. It seems to be true here in Northern California..

See also Skin irritation or chapping.

# Restless leg syndrome
Here’s what’s worked for Helen & Harry

Big Pharma makes millions selling barely-tested drugs for what they hype as “restless leg syndrome”, but you can quell those annoying symptoms much cheaper and much more safely by drinking a tablespoonful of non-processed apple cider vinegar at bedtime. If you don’t like the taste or the sediment that settles at the bottom of the bottle, you can get the same effect from apple cider vinegar pills sold at health food stores.

# Roaches
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Use Powdered boric acid. Sprinkled on the floorboards, in corners, behind the fridge and on the backs of cabinet shelves will kill roaches.

# Sore throat or strep throat
Here’s what’s worked for
Helen Highwater

For a sore throat — some say it even works for strep throat, but I can’t vouch for that — mix 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne powder into a tall glass of warm water. Gargle, and then swallow it. It might sting your tongue but not much. One gargle and swallow provides tremendous relief for sore throat, but you can safely repeat as needed if symptoms recur.

# Sinusitis
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

A remedy for steam inhalation for sinusitis:

Dwarf-pine oil (5 parts)
Eucalyptus oil (3 parts)
Thyme oil (2 parts)
Place the oils (3 to 5 drops of each them) Put it in a large glass dish and cover with1 pint to 1 quart of boiling water. For the inhalation, cover your head and the container both with a towel and inhale the vapors, breathing slowly and deeply through your nose and out yer mouth.

# Skin irritation or chapping
Here’s what’s worked for Cassandra

If your skin is red and irritated [might work for chapping, I’m guessing] mix approximately equal amounts of honey and aloe vera, and put it on the area, and leave it overnight. Fixed me right up. 🙂

Petroleum jelly will help with irritation, but I don’t know if it works so quickly and a lot of people aren’t putting petrochemicals on their skin anymore, plus it might aggravate acne in folks with that problem etc.

See also Poison ivy and poison oak rashes

# Toothache
Here’s what’s worked for Doug Holland

Like way too many Americans, I don’t have health or dental insurance. My dental care plan involves brushing my teeth after every meal and utterly avoiding the dentist. When a toothache strikes, I use extra brushing for the tooth that’s bothering you — brush that area up to hourly, while taking regular doses of over-the-counter (or whatever you have access to) painkillers. For me it’s aspirin, so every hour I’ll brush my teeth and take a few more aspirin. Be wary of overdosing, of course.

The effect of this is to keep the pain down while the nerves in the tooth completely fry themselves and wither away. For about four out of five toothaches, this works for me — the nerve is completely killed, so the tooth is still rotten but the pain fades away. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll go to a dentist and have the tooth yanked (that’s the cheapest form of dental care, a lot less expensive than having the tooth repaired or filled).

Of course, letting the nerve die can be somewhat dangerous, as the tooth rot can get eventually be carried into your bloodstream and basically poison you (or so I’ve heard). But if you can’t afford a dentist you can’t afford a dentist, and I sure can’t afford a dentist every time I get a toothache. I’ve had several teeth pulled, but I’ve been able to beat back many more toothaches with the aggressive defense described here.

# Tooth care
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

What are you brushing with?

Let me tell you how I found the other links I will put below… around two years ago I bit into a date and cracked a tooth. The dentist repaired one when I had insurance, I suffered a root canal. Today the tooth above the root canalled one is infected — maybe when I bit that date seed, it made a microscopic crack on the upper tooth just enough for an infection to develop. So, I got a tooth extraction coming up. Fun, Fucking Fun.

The dentist gave me valiums to take the night before the extraction and one to take the morning before I go in. Valium kicks my ass out into la la land on a low dose, like .5 mgs, so with 10 maybe it won’t be so bad.(hope).

Here’s a kicker: if the tooth does not crack while they yank it out, Medical Assistance will cover it (as a simple extraction) if it breaks, it’s not simple any more and I’m out $165 bucks. (I really hope my tooth stays intact) All this has freaked me out in more ways than one. Dentist costs are INSANE now. That root canal was like four years ago and it was $600!! Now a root canal is over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS — WTF??!!

I have been really conscientious about brushing my teeth since I was a teen, Because mom’s teeth were falling out back than with gum disease. So I got the hint. I began to take care of my teeth. But regardless of my improved habits my gums bled anyway. This fall I had a huge abscess appear on my gum, and I think it was from that date pit. It looked like a supersized zit. Gross. So I tried to pop it, to no avail, and it’s really hard to pop a zit on YOUR gums, BTW. So I put paper towels against the area so the puss would not go anywhere and I lanced it myself with a sterile scalpel blade. One small nick, did the trick.

Or so I thought. I went for a year with no issues with that tooth, no pain, so I thought I could avoid the dentist. Lucky me? NOT.

The tooth turned dark about three months or so ago, and it is now infected internally. The root is dead and the infection is trying to get into my jawbone. So I can’t fart around with it anymore. I am on kick-ass antibiotics until February 5th when they yank it out. If I want to save the tooth I could pay 2,150 bucks for a root canal and crown (holy cow that’s a lot of money!)… I’ve been though a root canal once when I had insurance and OMG it was HELL on Earth, even with valiums…. Or my MA covers a yank, free. But if it breaks I owe 165 bucks UP FRONT. (assholes).

Anyway, this December I was motivated by the Dental self sufficiency site and freaked by that awful abscess, I got a professional water pik on sale for $15 at a discount place out here (not Cmart). I got the water pick to test the theories on this dental self sufficiency site, to see if they were a crock before I invested more money in the kinds of cleaning they recommended.

I have been nailing my teeth with the water pick and a bit of hydrogen peroxide in the water around 4 times a day paying close attention to the gums and necks of the teeth — and get this: The Abscess has not surfaced through my gum again. All my gums do not bleed anymore, even when flossing! Even when I use a scaler to scrape a few plaque deposits off, damn — still no blood! All this changed in one month of using the pik. So, I found out brushing by itself, however diligent you are, isn’t enough to stop gingivitis. I thank THIS site for showing me why.

So let’s just say with the results I have seen on my other teeth and gums regardless of my one tooth too far gone, it’s still a dramatic change. I am very tempted to get the ViaJet pro now. A water pick does not have the thin cannula attachments recommended on the dental self-sufficiency site, to get deep into gum pockets. I think the long cannula tips on the ViaJet are going to be awesome and I think I can keep the rest of my teeth healthy and my gums too, for life, with this cleaning method. I am convinced.

Our family has shitty teeth and gum disease has nailed all of us. I do not want to go through this bullshit again. 70 bucks and time is a lot cheaper than shelling out another fucking 165 bucks, and if the tooth stays intact it will be free but either way I get a half hour desperately trying to suppress panic. And another tooth gone, waiting for the socket to close … and having nightmares about dry socket for a week. Fuck that option.

I’m getting the damn ViaJet. Probably will sell or give my waterpik away.


Deep pocket cannula attachment

# Ulcer remedies
Here’s what’s worked for Underground Panther in the Sky

Fresh cabbage juice is helpful for ulcers. Drink it immediately after juicing. (use an electric juicer) drink it down with a large glass of water. This dilutes the acid and flushes it through the stomach and into duodenum.

An Ulcer calming tea:
Comfrey (2 parts)
Calendula (1 part)
Knotgrass (1 part)
Steep 1 tsp. in 1/2 cup boiling water.
Take 1 1/2 to 2 cups a day, unsweetened, in mouthfuls.

My father had ulcers he drank this tea all the time. When he used it regularly he was able to cut his tagemet dose.


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