Get The F**k Out Of My Country!”: Racist Threatens To ‘F*cking Murder’ White Woman With ‘Chinese Eyes’

In a ridiculous racist subway rant, a man threatened to kill another passenger and murder her “whole f***ing nation” because she had “Chinese eyes” in a racist subway rant caught on video.

The unidentified man approaches a woman sitting on the Q train in Brooklyn and begins yelling at her after she asked him to stop staring at her.

“Look at your f*cking eyes, you’re f*cking Chinese,” the man says. “Motherf*cker — get the f*ck out of my country before I murder your whole f*cking nation.”

The woman recording the video tells the man she’s white and not Asian.

“This is my country, too,” she says. “I’m not Chinese, I’m white.”

He doesn’t care, he’s already committed to his hate filled rant and won’t stop.

“You know this is my country, right?” he says. “You’re in my f*cking property. You are my property. I have the right to f*cking murder your whole f*cking nation.”

The man obviously struggles with his English and pronounces “property” with a long o.

The video ends after the woman threatens to call police if he doesn’t get off at the next stop.


(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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