‘Hahahaha love this’: MA Cop Praises White Supremacist Running Over Protesters

A police officer in Springfield, Massachusetts is under fire for his ridiculous reaction to a white supremacist using a car to kill 1 protester and injure at least 19 other people.

“Hahahaha love this, maybe people shouldn’t block roads,” Officer Conrad Lariviere wrote on Facebook, reported MassLive.

During a Sunday interview with MassLive, Lariviere apparently realized his mistake and regretted his comments, and insisted he is not racist.

“Never would I want someone to get murdered,” he said. “I am not a racist and don’t believe in what any of those protesters are doing. I’m a good man who made a stupid comment and would just like to be left alone.”

According to Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri, the department has launched an investigation into Lariviere’s Facebook account.

“I received notification of this Facebook post earlier today via email from a complainant. The post is purportedly from Springfield police officer,” Barbieri explained in an email statement. “I took immediate steps to initiate a prompt and thorough internal investigation. If in fact this post did originate from an officer employed with the Springfield Police Department, this matter will be reviewed by the Community Police Hearings Board for further action.”

Doing what President Trump refused to do, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno released a statement condemning the violence in Charlottesville.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to all those families that suffered a terrible loss of life and were injured. These actions by white supremacists – the ‘new KKK’ groups – should be denounced by all,” he said. “Don’t be fooled by their propaganda, once again, they spew hate and enjoy violence. In the end, they will not prevail and good will overcome evil.”

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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