Mass Grave Of Tortured Black Men Found At Dead KKK Leader’s Former Estate

A surprising discovery was made in Mississippi when the current property owners decided to do some extensive renovations.

A Mass grave of torture victims was uncovered in Jackson, Mississippi, reported The Jackson Telegraph.

“A Mass burial site of many dozens of black men, who had been subjected to brutal torture and [then] murdered, has been found,” FBI spokesman Adrian Cartwright said. “In many cases, body parts are missing; most victims had been shot in the head.”

The mass grave was uncovered when the current owner of the property was doing some digging to make extensive renovations to the house.

“The current occupier was excavating the southern end of the property when he came across some leg bones,” Said Cartwright.  “He notified local law enforcement who then called in the FBI once they realized the extent of the number of victims.”

Authorities said it’s still very early in the recovery and identification process, but they guessed the grave was at least 50 years old and contained about 10 bodies.

KKK Imperial Wizard Eldon Lee Edwards

Mississippi records show Eldon Lee Edwards, a KKK Imperial Wizard, as owning the property from 1945-1953.

Eldon Lee Edwards died in 1960, but he had been charged with involvement in the abduction, torture and murder of 3 black men in 1944, but he was never convicted.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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