Neo-Nazis Cancel Rallies in 36 States after Their Attendance is Dwarfed By Thousands of Counter Protesters During Boston’s “Free Speech” Protest

White supremacists are getting the message that the majority of America does support their agenda. After counter-protesters have dwarfed the neo-Nazis by the thousands in subsequent rallies after Charlottesville ” organizers behind a series of pro-Trump “America First” rallies around the country have called off their events”. The “free speech” rally this past weekend in Boston alone had 15,000 (some estimates even say 40,000) counter protesters in attendance– severely outnumbering the measly 100 white supremacists who showed up. With that, the the pro-Trump and anti-Muslim group ACT For America has decided to stand down calling off 67 rallies in 36 states they had organized for the near future.

BREAKING: After alt-right organizers saw huge counter-protests in Boston, they’ve canceled 67 “America First Rallies” scheduled in 36 states

As reported by Revere Press:

The group, which gained notoriety after its “March Against Sharia” in June, will instead hold an online “Day of ACTion” on September 9 — though it’s unclear what exactly will take place during that event.

In an exclusive statement to white nationalist news network Breitbart, the group tried to distance itself from hate groups like KKK and neo-Nazis and said that it also did not want to meet the same type of opposition from anti-fascists, protesters and ordinary citizens seen in Boston, who it framed as “terrorists”:

ACT for America is deeply saddened that in today’s divisive climate, citizens cannot peacefully express their opinion without risk of physical harm from terror groups domestic and international.

In recent weeks, extremist and radical organizations in the United States and abroad have overrun peaceful events in order to advance their own agendas, and in many cases, violence has been the result. Given the security issues of organizing public events, the responsible decision is to deny this opportunity to Neo-Nazis, Antifa, the KKK, and ISIS inspired individuals and groups. ACT for America’s membership is patriotic citizens whose only goal is to celebrate America’s values and peacefully express their views regarding national security.

In other words, counter-protesting the white nationalist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist and other far-right groups aligned with President Donald Trump is a strategy that keeps hate groups off the streets.

For those who have previously claimed that counter protests are not prodcutive- what are your views now? Clearly, taking a stand against what is wrong by taking action and taking it to the streets in making an impact. Do you think the calcellation of the 67 rallies is a victory for those who stand against hate, or a defeat for those claiming they are only excersizing their First Amendment right to Freedom of speech?

Join the discussion and let us know what you think in the comments below.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)


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