“No Please Stop!” Dash Cam Shows Cop Fire 21 Shots as Unarmed Teens Beg for Their Lives

Source: Ledger Enquirer

The last moments of 17-year-old Christian Redwine’s life were marked by spinning car wheels, a barrage of gunfire and a teen girl pleading for her life.

Video recorded from the dashboard camera on then-Officer Alan Brown’s police cruiser shows Redwine leading Columbus police on a chase that tops 100 mph before he wrecks out on Riverchase Drive in Phenix City about 4:30 a.m. Nov. 6, 2016.

The Pontiac G-6 that Redwine took from a family friend is off the road’s right side with Brown’s headlights on it when Redwine shifts to reverse, his tires spinning as he backs up. Two separate sets of gunfire follow, first a burst of 11 shots, then a second spate of 10 more.

With the Pontiac no longer in the camera frame, the audio captures the voice of Redwine’s wounded front-seat passenger, 18-year-old Hannah Wuenschel, begging for help.

“No! Please! I got shot!” she yells. “Please, no, please! I’m so sorry! Please, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, sir! Please get me help! I’m hurting! Please, sir! Please, sir!”

Also wounded was a second passenger, Hunter Tillis, 19.

Amid Wuenschel’s pleas, police officers can be heard, saying, “We’ve got one dead in the driver’s seat,” and “Hey! I’ve got two in the car!”

And then Wuenschel’s cries continue, repeating “Oh my God!” and “Oh my God, sir, please call me an ambulance! Please!”

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