Officer Loses It Online, Openly Calls For The Extermination Of Black People

Source: Filming Cops

CLEVELAND — Officer Aaron McNamara has resigned after he was caught making highly inflammatory violent and racist statements online.

The statements were alarming because they did not appear to be mere jokes — Officer McNamara literally called for the extermination of the black race, and expressed wishes to “beat the living shit out of” what he called “jungle monkeys” and “nigger.”

This is a man who planned to patrol our neighborhoods with a loaded pistol.

Now his plans have been dashed.

Over a period of two years until as recently as the Tamir Rice shooting, Officer McNamara would “hang out in the YouTube comment area,” according to the Cleveland Scene.

While there, he was “regularly dropping racial and gay slurs, unambiguously expressing hatred toward minorities and anyone who dare not comply with police,” reports the Cleveland Scene.

This included him expressing a wish to “beat the living shit out of that nigger,” a comment that he left under a video of what appears to be a black child.

And it only got worse.

On one video of a child filming police, he said that the child’s life was a waste, and alluded with approval to the idea of the child being raped in prison for daring to film police.


On another video, he advocated slavery and then called for black citizens to be exterminated.


When he was questioned by the press about his statements, he initially denied making them. His excuse was that there were other people with the same name as his.

“I’m not the only Aaron McNamara in this world,” he insisted.


That story didn’t hold up, however, after he was observed hiding his Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ accounts moments later.

Moreover, he had posted photos of himself in his police uniform that matched the face on his profile.

Having been caught, he finally admitted that he made the statements and resigned moments later.

Fairview Park Police Chief Erich Upperman said in a statement that McNamara would immediately be investigated.

Had he never been caught, it is anybody’s guess as to how many citizens he would have abused while on patrol.




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