Skip Bayless: “If Black Players Unite & Refuse To Play Game 1, Something Will Get Done”, Unfortunately that didn’t happen!

Source: Urban Intellectuals

Shannon and Skip have been doing some fine work putting a voice to the other side on FS1 Unidsputed. While Shannon sounds more and more like a genuine leader every day, Skip sits behind like a mentor holding up support for someone who is clearly a dear friend and an ally. On FS1 before the first game Skip came out with a very poignant point that SHOULD have happened.

Even though game one happened and black players did not sit out the game (but Marshawn did protest) there is still room for a difference to be made and Shannon and Skip should be listened too.

So, here is Skip talking, do you agree with him?

Skip Bayless: If the black players unite and say we won’t play Game 1, I promise it would have an impact. It’ll get something done.




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