Virginia Issues 4 Warrants For Crybaby Nazi Christopher Cantwell

Famous white supremacist and neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell is surely crying like a baby again after 4 warrants were issued for him.

Cantwell is in trouble for his illegal activities while he attended this month’s white power, Unite the Right, rally in Charlottesville, VA. He has 4 arrest warrants issued by Albemarle County (Va.) Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

Cantwell faces 4 felony warrants related to the “illegal use of gases, and injury by caustic agent or explosive.” Cantwell’s arrest warrants stem from a photo showing him spraying pepper spray into a man’s face, reported The New York Times.

“I thought that spraying that guy was the least damaging thing I could do,” Cantwell told the Times. “In my left hand I had a flashlight. My other option, other than the pepper spray, was to break this guy’s teeth. OK? And I didn’t want to do that. I just wanted him to not hurt me.”

Christopher Cantwell crying after being hit with pepper spray at Charlottesville, VA rally

Cantwell is widely known as a racist thug who actually slinks away if  he thinks he might get hurt, but he talks tough. He actually does not feel he did anything wrong.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong, and I’m looking forward to my day in court,” Cantwell told the Times. He went on to say that he wasn’t scared, even though he was crying.

Cantwell believes the problem is that his country does not allow him to express his political opinion (racial superiority expressed through violence).

“The problem is that my country has descended to a point where your political opinions get you charged with felonies, and that’s what I’m upset about,” he said. “I get a little emotional about the fact that all this is going on, and now people want to throw me in prison because I want to save my race and nation.”

Cantwell most recently wrote on his blog that he it could be his last post because of the charges he’s facing.

“Tomorrow I’m more than likely going to find myself in a cage facing decades in prison,” he wrote. “It is entirely possible that this will be the last time you hear from me.”

If we are lucky, then we will not be hearing from Cantwell for a long time.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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